Code of Conduct

It is imperative that police should be effectively well-trained and highly self-motivated in ethics. Trained officers and sub-ordinates are the precious assets of department who generate good or bad impact of department. Though police officer served in the decades and crossed many stages of promotions therefore, these officers became role model for the newly recruited/ inducted officers. Moreover the staff of training institutions themselves can be role model for trainees so it is essential that trainers themselves should be highly moralized for the welfare of trainees

Standing operating procedures for staff of training institutions

  • The trainer should be a symbol of impartial and national approach
  • The trainer will not promote territorial prejudices and individual ideologies
  • Training staff will prefer their professional responsibilities rather than their own personal issues
  • The instructors will manage their anger amicably and with patience
  • Teachers will not promote linguistic, political and sectarianism at all
  • The attitude of trainers towards trainees would contain mutual respect and equality. Any kind of discrimination and gender harassment would penalize departmentally.
  • The trainee will not abuse, degrade or embarrass Trainees
  • The trainees are not allowed to miss use their official authority for any type of extortion or exploitation
  • Teachers and students will remain respectful and courteous while routine conversation
  • All staff members my obey the timing and dress codes and always be handsomely dressed
  • Any staff member is not allowed to use or keep any type of narcotic substance or drugs in their residences, moreover, Any type of unethical activity and indoor games are forbidden in hostels
  • National language will be used in official business
  • Smoking is prohibited while training for officers/ officials
  • Any type of give and take, borrowing and depositation between trainer  and trainee is not allowed
  • Staff members will be imbued for service delivery and hard work

Operating procedure for law staff

  • Instructor development course will be mandatory for each law instructor in which and  this course  will be conducted by the training branch in the month of January and july each year for all those law instructors who were inducted  in previous 6 months
  • Law instructors will be bound to deliver their subject and lectures with full planning and preparations
  • Audio and visual aid, multimedia and other technical gadgets must be used while lectures
  • It is mandatory to deliver the lecture in given timing
  • The law instructors should have ability to control the class and to have advance knowledge to handle the reaction of the trainees officers and sub-ordinates
  • Not available
  • Indecent humour and obnoxious words are prohibited at all
  • The trainer has to avoid personal differences hatred, enmity and malignity like evils
  • The law instructors will glorify their subject with modern techniques along with the latest information during test and exam ination process
  • Provision of any illegal help to any under training officer is an immoral and illegal act. Therefore there would be no tolerance in this regard
  • Law instructor are not allowed to conversate anything else than syllabus
  • Lecturers are not allowed to use cellular phones, whatsapp and facebook call facilities at all
  • Trainers will appreciate critical question and trends raised by the under training officers
  • Each under training officers would be provided opportunity to render his feedback regarding the academics at the end of the course so that positive suggestions may help in improvement of future

Standing operating procedure for drill, weapon and sports staff

  • The under training officers spend most of their time with drill staff therefore, attitude of drill staff should be examplary
  • Use of abusive language is strictly prohibited with trainee officers and sub-ordinates
  • If any trainers demands gratification or gift for the sake of profit or exploit trainee officers in any other shape will have to face strict department proceeding
  • Trainer should helps the under training officers with the examplary skill demonstrations to attain the training competence
  • Instructors are not allowed to enter into the residencial, rooms of trainees in order to develop their personal interaction with trainees
  • Under training officers and sub-ordinates must not be provided any favour for the sake of personal greed
  • Trainee officers must not be awarded such punishments in which they feel humiliated among their companions officers
  • All under training officers must be treated equally and impression of liking and disliking should not be spread

Operating procedure for admin and security staff

  • Admin and security staff must take care of self respect of under training officers
  • Staff will provide all basic amenities to the trainee officers well in time
  • While providing basic facilities to the trainees, staff should have ushering attitude
  • No such behaviour is allowed which express any type of abjection or ridicule to the under training officers and sub-ordinates
  • In time and standardised facilities of dispensary, laundry, barber and cobblers and tailor must be provided to under training officers