Physical Training

Physical training remains an integral part of any uniform services in the world therefore an comprehensive approved physical training modules included Para PT, Parade, Weapon Training, Dolphin Training, Marshal Art and Sports is being followed as per the provided training policy from Punjab Police Training directorate.

Physical Training and Sports department of this college is being lead by Inspector Nasir Mahmood Khan. He has done his master degree from Punjab university and also has the honor of national karate champion several times in the past. He is an experienced field officer and sports person as well. He assigned the job of Chief Physical training officer and entrusted the responsibility to maintain fitness, discipline and moralities among the trainees. He is also responsible to regulate sports activates in the college Team Pic


Para P.T

Para P.T is an essential part of police training to maintain physical fitness and endurance. There are two segment of P.T






Police force need to be well dress and well manners therefore drill is compulsory for each and every member of the force. An experienced drill staff of police department and Pakistan Army are providing drill/parade training to the deferent types of ongoing basic and promotion courses. Following are the drill manual being exercised.

Saluting | squad drill | Rifle drill



Weapon Training

This college has a very good faculty consist of police and Army weapon trainers. These experienced weapon instructors poring their skills in trainees at firing range and one of its unique kind of high tech digital firing simulators.





Dolphin Training

The government of Punjab recently developed dolphin police squad with the help of Turkish national police. Training of heavy bikes, weapon handling/firing and defense intervention techniques are major segments of this specialized dolphin training course. The officers of dolphin squad are being trained by a dedicated team of master trainers.View Detail




Martial Arts

The constabulary should have ability of unarmed combat to tackle criminal assailants therefore martial arts training is a major portion of basic recruits’ courses. Basic training of boxing, judo and karate includes in martial arts.





Outdoor games are enlisted

Indoor games are enlisted