Our Message


The Police College is aimed to train the police officers of Punjab police and make them competent, disciplined, devoted, professional, honest and well-behaved individuals, who could rise to every occasion and emergencies. The object of the College is to train the under-training Police officer in a way that he serves the department with a sense of Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Equality. The College endeavors to inculcate in its trainees, the fundamental principles of Respect, Equality, Discipline and Personal Integrity. We believe in Skill Development & Capacity Building of under training police officers to ensure better Public Service Delivery. Known for its healthy climate the College provides the best training environment to trainees coming from all over the country. Today it stands as the premier training institution of the country which caters to the training needs of not only Punjab province but also of various other law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. Above all, the college expects from its trainees to complete the training having habits of good health, activity, discipline, self-reliance, observation, courtesy and straight forwardness in the performance of their duties which are essential to a Police Officer.