The Police Training College Lahore is a pioneer in introducing modern police courses and concepts such as Crime Scene Investigation, Basic Forensics, Community Policing, Media Relations and Gender Responsive Policing etc.

Police College, Lahore has taken a special initiative of improving and modernizing the Training techniques, leading to a continuous professional development program. This has been done by keeping in view modern day policing challenges. These initiatives envisage the development of essential professional skills and responsible ethical behavior, that develops trust and fosters leadership. The introduction of fresh modules like knowledge and life, Forensic investigation, Counter Terrorism, Security and Intelligence, Media Management, Handling of Vulnerable Groups of Society, Human Rights, Communication Skills and Islamic ethics reflects some of the changes made in the training syllabus.

Renowned international organizations like the GIZ (Germany), CCBLE (EU), ICITAP (USA) and UNODC acknowledge the professional standard of this College and are actively collaborating and conducting various skill oriented police courses in this college. With the help and assistance of these organizations thousands of police officers from all over the country have been trained. Besides these organizations, the other local and international organizations are willing to impart training in Human Resource Management, Stress Management, Negotiation Skills and Risk Management etc. In the recent spate of terrorism in this region, many anti terrorism courses/ techniques and modules are being / have been imparted in this College.

Similarly, not only have the syllabi of the courses been redesigned, but also fresh courses like Traffic Management and Specialized Courses for Women Police Officer have been introduced. A special emphasis has also been laid on Human Rights/ Community Oriented Police Service and the same have been included in all courses.

Mission Statement

Impart Training to Produce Skilled, Knowledgeable, Professionally Sound and Competent Police Officers at all Levels to Improve Public Service Delivery”

The object of such training shall be to inculcate in police officers habits of physical health, discipline, self reliance, sobriety, punctuality, courtesy and straight forwardness in execution of their official work.

Core Values

Trainees will understand that they are receiving training to become public servants responsible for upholding and protecting the dignity and rights of citizens.

Following training values are the corner stone of Police College Lahore, as being the founding principles of our religion and professional duties too:


Exhibit and reinforce behavior that demonstrates a sense of respect towards each other and the community.


Model and reinforce an attitude that fosters honesty, uniformity, and impartiality according to the law.


Necessity for self-control and discipline would be an integral part of all interactions throughout the training program.


Conduct in a manner, that exhibits “excellence in character” and adherence to a strict ethical code. The officers will conduct themselves in a polite, courteous and professional manner at all times in their private & public life.

Public Service

The college training program is designed to instill a “spirit of public service” in trainee officers.

Skill Development

Enhance such technical skills, required of a police officer in attending to his professional duties effectively and efficiently in modern times.

Attitudinal Change Activity

In order to cope with specific stress related situations requiring critical decision making (without being biased), attitudinal change training is conducted as integral part of all training program.